THE PERSIAN CINDERELLA – Traditional Literature

I just read this book and wrote a review on it. This review is wonderful as well. WHat a great version of Cinderella!

Butterfly Wings


Climo, Shirley. The Persian Cinderella.  Ill. by Robert Florczak. New York: Harper Collins, 1999.  ISBN: 0060267658



A beautiful maiden, Settareh, uses the money her father gave her for a snack, to help an old lady, and then buys a small blue jug.  She doesn’t have enough to buy cloth for new clothes for Prince Mehrdad’s New Year’s celebration, so she stays home so her family won’t be disgraced.  However, she discovers her little blue jug is magic.  Its inhabitant, a pari, outfits Settareh in a dark red silk dress, beautiful jewelry, and two diamond anklets.  She attends the celebration, but leaves behind one of the anklets.  The prince’s mother finds Settareh and introduces her to the prince.  However, on the day of the wedding, Settareh’s jealous stepsisters use magical hairpins (obtained from the pari) to arrange…

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