Surprising Little Blessings

My boyfriend and I just celebrated out fifth official month of dating this past Friday. We hadn’t seen each other in a week since we had both been out of town. We were having a hard time deciding where to go and what to do. Finally, to celebrate, we went to a local restaurant at the suggestion of his mom. We had forgotten about it as an option and decided that it was perfect and not too pricey. When we got there, we were excited to finally see each other in person and have a nice meal together.The food was delicious! Definitely a great choice. As we finished eating our food, a man came up to us and asked if we would like free tickets to the local minor-league baseball game that night. We said yes! The seats were great and they were right behind home plate. We had a great night and we really enjoyed that surprising little blessing. We didn’t take it for granted. 

To the man, who calls himself Magoo, 

Thank you for the tickets. We really enjoyed the game and we didn’t even get to tell you that it was our 5 month-iversary. We appreciate your generosity and you helped make our night very special. Thanks again.



THE PERSIAN CINDERELLA – Traditional Literature

I just read this book and wrote a review on it. This review is wonderful as well. WHat a great version of Cinderella!

Butterfly Wings


Climo, Shirley. The Persian Cinderella.  Ill. by Robert Florczak. New York: Harper Collins, 1999.  ISBN: 0060267658



A beautiful maiden, Settareh, uses the money her father gave her for a snack, to help an old lady, and then buys a small blue jug.  She doesn’t have enough to buy cloth for new clothes for Prince Mehrdad’s New Year’s celebration, so she stays home so her family won’t be disgraced.  However, she discovers her little blue jug is magic.  Its inhabitant, a pari, outfits Settareh in a dark red silk dress, beautiful jewelry, and two diamond anklets.  She attends the celebration, but leaves behind one of the anklets.  The prince’s mother finds Settareh and introduces her to the prince.  However, on the day of the wedding, Settareh’s jealous stepsisters use magical hairpins (obtained from the pari) to arrange…

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Do you hate Mondays? Me too. Don’t lie, you know you hate them. Not only is it the day that’s the furthest from the weekend, but it’s also the beginning of a long week. I also hate doing my hair on these days. So I participate in Monday/Bunday. I put my hair in a nice bun, low bun, messy bun or sock bun and that is one less thing I have to stress about on the worst day of the week. If you’re a woman and haven’t already started doing this, you should! And if you’re a guy, you can particiate too. Just grow your hair or beard long enough to put in a bun and you’re good to go! I hope this inspires you to participate. Much love! -TheMunchkin

Today, I won.

Have you ever had the feeling of overwhelming defeat? I don’t usually get this feeling with every day situations. I’m usually laid back about my work and I do well under pressure. However, lately i’ve felt this sense of defeat in my body. I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle and I just want to come out ahead. Here is what I mean.

I’ve never had any traumatic physical illnesses, never been in the hospital other than to visit  someone else and I know that I eat healthier than the majority of Americans. But my body is still losing. 

I was a cheerleader for eight years, Jr. High, High School and half of college. Now before you go on stereotyping me, I went to a small schools so I played other sports too, including basketball, volleyball and softball. During this time, I was in shape but I didn’t know it. My mind thought being in shape meant being a size 2, not being able to run a mile without wheezing or coughing up a lung. During this time, especially in college, I worked out an average of 14 hours a week (this included games, practices and personal exercise). After I became too busy with school work in college, I stopped. This is where it gets worse. 

I started to work out on my own but it was more like 3 hours a week instead of 14, then it went to 2, then one, and soon, the only exercise I was getting was walking to my classes every day and up the four flights of stairs to my dorm room. 

Since then, i’ve finally gained the freshman 15, gone up 4 pant sizes and found a new appreciation for sweat pants (which is unhealthy for any human being). Most of all, I felt like I was a loser. 

Another point to add to this madness is that this summer, my grandfather passed away. They weren’t sure how he died, but there was talk of heart failure. He was also a rather large man who didn’t get enough exercise. When this happened, my father was distraught by losing his dad, but it also stirred up in him a new motivation to get in shape. He realized that if he wanted to be around for a long time eith my sisters, my mother and I, he would need to start working out. He started slow with one mile, but after almost a year, he is down 20 pounds and can run 4 miles straight with no problems. He is my inspiration. He woke uo every day and told his body, “you will not beat me, today, I will win.”

This is what I want to be able to tell myself.

Our society makes us think that to be pretty, you have to be skinny. Don’t worry, I’m not about to rant about the injustice of the media playing on girl’s emotions and poor body image. But here is the thing: I don’t want to go up another pant size, I don’t want to feel like I  can’t wear bikinis in the summer. I also want to be healthy and feel confident knowing that if the zombie apocolypse happened soon, I would be able to outrun any of the slow fatsos the zombies will attack first. 

I want to beat my body. I want to be heathy, I want to be able to run half-marathons and 5k’s, I want to look great and feel great too. I don’t want to get winded walking up a flight of stairs or playing a game of tag with my five year old cousins.

My mind is in the right place, now I need my body to get there too. My mind is winning, and every morning that I drag myself out of my confortable, fluffy bed to work out, my body is winning too. 

This past week, I’ve upped my workout to five hours a week, about one hour a day and I can run about 3/4 of a mile without passing out. My goal is 3 miles so that I can run a 5k later this year with my dad. 

Today, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed. 

Today, I decided I wanted to feel accomplished.

Today, I wanted to be proud of myself.

Today, I won.  

I agree. There are some things that I wish people would take the time to do without technology. It makes them seem more intelligent and less reliable on other items.

Home for the Holidays

Driving, driving, driving. As an out of state college student, I rack up a lot of miles traveling home for the holidays. Home being Dallas and college being in Missouri. The drive through Oklahoma is about as fun as drinking grape flavored medicine. However, It’s always nice to see the lights at the end of my tunnel. The Dallas lights to be exact. It’s my favorite sight in the world and I can’t wait to see more Christmas lights while I’m home!